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New Beta version 23.2.13795
« on: June 28, 2023, 10:30:49 PM »
Hello everyone,
We have released another Beta version of Avast Cleanup product (23.2.13795)!
What's new in Avast Cleanup product?
  • Enhanced cleaning of system junk — We’ve given our cleaning algorithms a boost in order to detect more system junk. Thanks to this improvement, we are now able to find clutter generated by 26 new or existing applications and programs so that you can free up even more space.
  • Bugs & fine-tuning — We have made some under-the-hood improvements and fixed a few bugs to keep Avast Cleanup running smoothly.

How can you help?
  • If you already have a Beta version installed you should get an update automatically (update checks for a new version every 12 hours) if you don't have it yet proceed with the next step to install it.
  • If you don't want to wait for the automatic update you can navigate into Settings - Update Cleanup section and click on Update now button.
  • Download the Beta version:
  • Execute the installation package and go through the wizard to install the product.
  • The product shall guide you or you can freely navigate through it and try it on your own to see how it works.
  • Please try as much features as you can to see how they work and check whether there are any bugs or unexpected behavior.
  • If you find any bugs during testing, please create a new thread in this forum section.
  • Please provide us also with feedback about what you like most and what you would change.
  • Since we aim to deliver the best Cleanup product - would you add anything to Cleanup that is missing? Do not hesitate to share your feedback!

Known issues
  • Nothing we would know about :).

Thank you & enjoy the beta testing!
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