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Avast Business Hub | 8.82
« on: January 25, 2024, 12:24:49 PM »
Release Summary

In this release, our focus has been on two key aspects. Firstly, we've enhanced the visibility of our release notes, ensuring users can easily access and stay informed about the latest changes. Secondly, significant efforts have been made towards stabilizing the product, addressing various bugs and issues for an improved and reliable user experience.

Improvements & Optimizations

  • Enhanced Release Notes Visibility: We've introduced a feature to highlight the release of a new Hub version along with its release notes. Now, after a new version is released, the "Help & Resources" menu is marked by an orange badge, and within its submenu, the link to the latest release notes is also highlighted with an orange badge for improved visibility.
  • Several minor improvements have been implemented.

Resolved Issues

  • We've addressed a bug where the Patch Report widget for "Patches" was displaying only up to 10,000 items, causing discrepancies in the displayed values compared to the actual number of patches found and installed. Now, the widget accurately reflects the correct number of patches, providing a more reliable representation.
  • Numerous minor bugs have been successfully addressed and resolved.

Known Issues

  • Exclusions containing wildcards are currently not functioning correctly on macOS.

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