Author Topic: Does Avast Mobile Security not play well with Google Password Manager?  (Read 1120 times)

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I'm on a Samsung A53 with all updates. I have Avast Mobile Security (AMS) installed and it is up to date as well. I got it as part of the Premium Security package.
I know Avast has a password manager but I am very happy with Google's Password Manager (GPM), so I want to keep using that one.
It seems as if since I started using AMS that GPM is not working on the phone. It seems fine on my laptop. I have checked and rechecked the permissions for GPM and it is supposed to generate good passwords when I log into a site the first time (it doesn't anymore), to show me saved passwords when I log into a site I've used before (intermittently), and to offer to remember passwords after I have (or Google has) made up a new one (doesn't).

Has anyone else experienced this? Is there a solution?
Thanks for your assistance.