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unwanted service
« on: February 02, 2024, 10:23:22 PM »
I had Avast years ago so I had a login  already established. I recently signed into Avast and found they were noq charging for the service. I wasn't interested paying for this so I left. Next thing I got was an email thanking me for coming back and that they were charging my account for $77. and change. I immediately signed back in and requested a refund since I wasn't interested in thhe product. I waited over a week and nothing was refunded so I went back in and rewuested a refund a second time. Still no response from Avast. I need some help to get this company to refund my money. Cam anyone help?? or offer ideas, phone numbers, address, anything????

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Re: unwanted service
« Reply #1 on: February 02, 2024, 10:36:20 PM »
How did you try contacting them. was it by this sales/refund page here

auto renew is set by default so im guessing as you didnt opt out you was charged for the service.
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