Author Topic: Help me unsubscribe from Avast and get my money back.I can't cancel my subscript  (Read 2201 times)

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Help me unsubscribe from Avast and get my money back.

I registered and used this program, entering my credit card information. But then I canceled my subscription. And now, two months later (today), Avast withdraws money from my card despite the fact that there is no longer a subscription in my profile or in the application. In my country this is good money and I want to return it because I don’t use the application and I canceled my subscription (!). I don’t live in America, and I don’t know English - I use Google translator, and therefore I can’t contact Avast technical support in any way except by mail - but I can’t find it. Please, help

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I have the same problem.It is unbelievable.Also i, i can't unsubscribe.

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Doesn't anyone check old topics ?

Whilst this is in the Avast SecureLine VPN sub-forum no one confirms this is what they have a problem with,

Does this topic help -
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