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Avast One beta bugs
« on: February 23, 2024, 12:26:56 PM »
I am using Avast One Essential Beta 24.2.8877.762.

There are some problems related to Avast One in this and earlier betas:

1.  I set my Proton VPN network as Trusted while my ethernet network is set as Untrusted. It is only way for my VPN to connect. But when the VPN is connected, a pop-up appears saying the VPN is Untrusted although the Firewall page says it is Trusted. So the pop-up shows wrong info.

2.  In Account-Settings, I set 'Pop-Up Notifications Treatment' to 'Limited' mode. But if I use system tray icon to set 'Silent Mode' and later turn it off, the Settings page will show 'Smart Mode' instead of user set 'Limited'.

Also in 'Limited' mode, which supposedly won't show offers, I got pop-ups about buying Premium for Webcam and other features.

3.  I set my Update settings to update automatically virus definitions, streaming updates and program updates. But sometimes, there are red notifications asking me to update these manually. What is the point of setting to update automatically then?

But there is no notification in system tray icon, unlike Avast Free, to alert me that I must manually update.

4.  I have stopped using Avast Web Shield because of too many false positives. I kept on submitting false positives to Avast and Avast did remove them, but more and more came up. Especially online video links. I think this is because someone told Avast that this or that URL is scam or malware, and then someone else has to report the false positive. Avast should either investigate the URL first or keep to a verified database like other antivirus companies.

This post is meant for the developers to look into. The rest of us can't do much to solve these technical problems and bugs.