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Internet speed restricted with Avast installed
« on: April 15, 2024, 06:49:18 PM »
So found out today after much troubleshooting that Avast limits my internet speed down to 1.3Gbps when it is installed, even with all shields off.  As soon as I uninstall it I get 2.3Gbps.

It seems that one person did mention something about this before but since its been a while I wanted to bring awareness with this.

I have tested this on a fresh windows 11 install as well and get the same results.  2.3Gbps down on the fresh install, as soon as I download the free version of Avast it drops to 1.3Gbps.

I only have 1 2.5Gbps enabled computer on my network atm so was unable to run a p2p speed test to see if it is only internet traffic or all traffic that is being restricted.

I understand that it is looking for malicious files and code however if it is only good up to a little over 1Gbps there should be a disclaimer so that people aren't wondering why they aren't getting their full internet speed.  I would love to see this optimized to be able to handle a 2.5Gbps connection since I have been using avast for over a decade however I guess I will have to uninstall and check back to see if any optimizations ever get done.