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Request of amnesty -/\-__-\/-
« on: June 02, 2020, 05:41:08 AM »
 To:     whom this may concern,

    Approximately 30 days ago opted into a free subscription of avast driver updater. A free trial, evolving into a paid subscription. (Upgraded just yesterday, or this morning.)

The computer I intended to use this product on, was sold to a friend, shortly after I opted into the month long free trial.
I did manage to install this product, on said computer,  but the computer was in slightly less than working order... and I never got to properly use the app... for anything useful anyways...
The terrible state of the computer and conflicts regarding its drivers were what I intended to tackle with what I had subscribed to that day. But the time never came to follow through to use the software.
I was offered a good price for the computer "as is" and sold it on the spot a touch impulsively...

Since I sold the computer, I proceeded to then forget that I had signed up for the evolving subscription, that switched to a paid subscription only yesterday.

I didn't get to effectively use your product, and now no longer even Posess the device I intended to use it on.

I have submitted a request for a refund.

If there are mods or staff that read this post..., I'm not going to post the Refund Request ID unless you ask for it. (Or I can send a PM?)
Also..., I'm not sure if you will be able to add notes to the request, or help along my outcome.
 Just say so if you cannot :)

What I would actually love to do, is;

Take the value that I paid for the 1 year subscription of avast driver updater, (witch I do not need for the new computer I purchased.) And transfer that value into a subscription for
Avast premium antivirus. Wich I do need.

Sadly, I only need one month of subscription
I didn't check the prices yet, but I'm assuming this would leave me with a positive balance anyways...

None the less, maybe I can sustain a balance of credit on my  account linked to this email?

If possible even, if we could move forward, into 6 months subscription of avast premium antivirus, I would prefer that over no refund at all.

I don't think it's fair for me to pay for a year of a service that is unused and will remain unused.

I do think it would be fair to hold me accountable for one month of the subscription's fees, as I held the subscription and had no complaints for exactly 30 days.

P.s. I also had a few issues even with the installation process.
It took some time to configure it to a working state.
(Mostly the computers fault I think)
But It was probly the delay in getting to actually first use it...
(since the time I opted in)
That resulted in me not getting to effectively use it...
Just wanted to add.

.          Please get back to me :)

.          Thank you

                               - Jordon

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Re: Request of amnesty -/\-__-\/-
« Reply #1 on: June 02, 2020, 11:01:22 AM »

Please PM me the ticket/case id.