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Blocking of site: HTML:iframe-inf[Susp]
« on: May 28, 2024, 01:08:47 PM »

I'm working in a company distributing news releases. Our clients sometimes use a iframe-based module for subscriptions, that they can include on a page so users can subscribe to their news releases.
However it seems that this module is causing Web Shield to throw a Iframe-inf[Susp] Warning and blocking sites using it.

An example is the site hXXps:// (iframe in the bottom part). The iframe refers to a quite long url (since url parameters affect the content):

We have done thorough scans and the iframe source should not contain anything malicious and no other tool we've seen is reporting/blacklisting this. It however contains a form posted via actions and i wonder if this might seem malicous, even though it is in this case completely legit?

We have reported it as a false positive using the form two weeks ago, but with no response. Can anyone of you help me out on what might be causing it and how to proceed?

Kind regards
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