Author Topic: Hardened mode with fix automatically and silent mode notifications works GREAT  (Read 526 times)

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Avast in hardened mode uses a large cloud whitelist. I am installing Avast free for a relative who only uses Microsoft Office and Chrome. This relative would never install a new program by herself. So I am thinking of setting Avast up in hardened mode, only thing is ..... I don't want her to select the wrong answer when a block popup of hardened mode shows up (fearing she will choose YES install or Yes allow). So I have enabled Avast to make the (automatic) choices for the user and set Avast in hardened mode and set notifications to silent mode.

So here is the million dollar question: when hardened mode shows a (block) popup to ask the user to allow or block something, silent mode will suppress this message (don't show a popup asking the user what to do), but will it silently block or silently allow it?

EDIT1: over 300 views and no answer. I know this is a user-for-users forum, but hopefully someone could ask Avast staff  to answer this question.

EDIt2: Eicar to the rescue :-)

Downloading Eicar shows a surpressed notification that EICAR TEST FILE IS SILENTLY MOVED TO QUARANTAINE  :)

Tested with:
1. Protection >> Core shields
a) Malware: enabled "Fix automatically"
b) Potentially unwanted programs and tools: enabled "Resolve automatically"
c) Cyber Capture: enabled
d) Hardened mode: enabled

2. Menu >> Notifications
a) Popup notification treatment: selected "Silent mode"

This is the desired behavior for me, that is why I changed the title . Only allowing programs whitelisted by Avast reputation services and solving infections automatically without bothering (asking) the inexperienced user (to block or allow) works great.
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Avast Free with these settings I would say is excellent protection even for those who are not PC experts and don't want to be disturbed by notifications or requests for choices to make which would be difficult (for non-experts).
So yes it is excellent protection.  8)
Thank you and good day!
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