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VPN frozen / won't turn on
« on: June 17, 2024, 06:46:36 AM »
I just upgraded my free Avast account to get unlimited VPN, and it was working great. Then the VPN disconnected, saying I had no internet connection.

I then disconnected my WiFi connection and connected again. I then opened Avast and clicked to turn on the VPN, and nothing happened, it was frozen. I then reset my modem, restarted my computer, and still the VPN would not turn on.

On the Avast home/info page items are highlighted when the curser in moved on them. When the curser is on "Run Scan" it becomes highlighted, and on "home", "explore",  "messages" ,  "account" they all become highlighted when the curser is on them.

But when I move the curser on the "X" to turn on the VPN it does not become highlighted, it is and remains a grey color when the curser is on it or not. And the icon to change VPN location is also frozen and colored grey. The change VPN location area is also light colored/dull.

Everything else in Avast seems to be working, I can run scans, check account info, and change VPN settings. But the icons to turn on VPN and change VPN location are frozen and unresponsive (and both the color grey.)

Thank you for your time,