Author Topic: Avast patchmanagement installation schedule is 10 hours ahead?!  (Read 733 times)

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Can anybody confirm that scheduled patch management installations for customer tenants, inherited by global policies (partner level), are incorrect in the way that the time set per policy is quite diffrent than it will be displayed in the devices detail info for patches that have a planed status?

In our cases the time in the device details is displayed to wednesday 22.00 where the policy itself has set sunday 1.00!  ???

What I managed to find out is that changing the policy on partner level will not have any impact. The wrong time setting is still set to wednesday 22.00. I order to correct this I need to change the global policy on tenant level in any way so that the time information, displayed when you make a mouse over at the ?, will be displayed correctly...

Question is if this is just a bug in the hub or if this is really getting into the clients.
Next question is: is this the only setting that has this kind of bug?

There was once a bug in the hub that made patch installation appear in the hub 1 or 2 h ahead or behind the correct time. As far as i remember this was a time issue within the hub... This look more worse.

If this is really getting into the clients then servers will be possibly reboot in the middle of the week during working hours!!!!  :o

Befor I open a case on this I just wanted to have some feedback for this, hoping anybody else is also using global policies with thier customers...
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Re: Avast patchmanagement installation schedule is 10 hours ahead?!
« Reply #1 on: June 20, 2024, 09:44:44 AM »
We have the same problem on diferent customers with diferent consoles (multi-tenant and single-tenant / global policies or local).

The time scheduled on the policy is changed on the device page properties and you can see that the task has been run on the time showed by the device on the task report.

We only see this bug on patch management, not on reboot task.