Author Topic: Avast One preventing Chrome and other browser from altering bookmarks in any way  (Read 199 times)

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According to my bookmark file in the Chrome folder, I haven't been able to alter it in any way since July 3rd. I can't add, delete, or move around bookmarks. Today I tried to remove the bookmark file from the Chrome folder and now I can't add it back because the folder is "open in another program." I have confirmed that Avast One is the culprit using Process Explorer, and other people on Reddit and the Google help forums confirm this. Adding the websites and folder to exceptions and disabling shields doesn't do anything to fix this problem either, so those features are entirely useless it seems. This is an incredibly annoying problem. I've noticed Avast One getting worse and worse over the past couple months, displaying warnings on virtually every site I visit even though they are commonly used sites and I know they are perfectly safe. And now, I can't access any of my bookmarks until Avast fixes this issue which no antivirus I've used in the past has ever given me.