Author Topic: Can't create database [Problem/Solving]  (Read 2638 times)

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Can't create database [Problem/Solving]
« on: January 23, 2008, 12:25:34 PM »

I'm a user from Thailand. Today I've downloaded and installed the ADNM on our server. I'm hit the problem that can't create database for AMS.

So, I've dig in the source of problem by using SQL Profiler tools to identify the problem why AMS can't execute the T-SQL command.

The result is quire amazing for me because the T-SQL statement wasn't correct. It's contain some special character. So, the SQL server decide to reject because of wrong syntax. After think a while about why AMS give a wrong T-SQL command ??? ???, but the AMS shouldn't make this kind of mistake.   :-\

I'm think this should be a problem of character encoding because my server are using Thai as a non-unicode character set. It's specify in a OS. So, I'm decide to switch it back to English (US) and reboot server.

Thank god...... it's worked perfect after just 1 reboot. ;D ;D ;D

I'm hope this will help your guy to success in the server installation. ;) ;)

Have a good luck,