Author Topic: Avast! MAC - Use of Ethernet Bandwith when scanning remote Volume  (Read 6039 times)

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I found that when Avast! MAC is scanning a remote volume (using Ethernet connexion), it use and hold most of the bandwith for his scan (see the included picture).

This is slowing down a lot all other MAC process and application requiring the Ethernet Connexion.

I've tried to switch the foreground application from Avast! to Safari with no effect on the use of the bandwith.

Normally OSX should give the most usage of it's ressources to the foreground application.

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Re: Avast! MAC - Use of Ethernet Bandwith when scanning remote Volume
« Reply #1 on: February 20, 2008, 01:47:58 PM »

OSX's priorities are rather a wish than a strong rule (somehow typical for all microkernel-derived architectures), so we can't guarantee the final resource consumption level. But still, have you tried to put the scanning daemon a bit deeper to background (= clicking background scan button)? Such custom-lowered scan priority can be later fixed in preferences to be used on each subsequent avast's launch.

It's quite questionable whether the scan should be most aggressive (many users want it this way to have their on-demand scan finished ASAP), or not so aggressive (other users like it silently running in the background, not disturbing their normal work or performance). that was also why the button "Background Scan" was added...

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