Author Topic: exch server 2003 crashes on update.  (Read 3933 times)

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exch server 2003 crashes on update.
« on: February 04, 2008, 06:59:52 PM »
over the weekend, on Feb 2, avast did a server update, and the ADNM logged this error:
Saturday, 8:26:49 AM   2181048115   MAIL1   Function setifaceUpdatePackages() has failed. Return code is 0x00000426, dwRes is 000005AA.
This error occured about 8 times, and at the end, the server was hung. I had to hard reset the server. (off/on). When it came back, the store.exe would not start. I had to start it manually.

Now i am not sure what state my server or my AV is in. I sanyone esle having an issue with the recent update?
Win Server 2003, Exch 2003.