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New problem with my Avast !
« on: February 10, 2008, 01:14:07 AM »
Hello everybody !

I didn't come back here since July 2006, so I hope I'm in the right forum to talk about my new problem with Avast! Antivirus   ;)

Well, here is my problem :
Since I came back from vacations, I can't update my Avast! Antivirus ! When it tries to do it automaticly, a red window oppens and says that the server couldn't be found. And when I try to update it manually, a windows says - after a 3/4 hour !!! - that there's not enough place, or anything like that...

I tried to find myself from where could come this problem in updating my antivirus, and maybe the problem can come from one of the following reasons :

1) I installed Avast! Antivirus on my other coputer using my e-mail adress and I also updated my mother's key using the same e-mail adress (so I have three different keys asked from my e-mail adress, which are used in three different computers)

2) I installed Spybot - Search & Destroy just before the hollidays and perhaps this software could lock the update of Avast!

3) I use the Firewall sold with Microsoft Windows, and maybe a thing has been changed during the last automatical update. Anyways, today I entered Avast! Antivirus inside the allowed softwares into my Firewall. But nothing changes...

4) I haven't enough place anymore on my HD !

So, what do you think my problem comes from ?  ??? Or maybe you see another reason about my update problem ?    ???   And then, what could I do ?    ???

Thank you very much, Folks, and sorry for my bad English. I hope you'll find me a solution !  ;)