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            One of our customer has a strange problem with avast! SBS Edition. It seems there is a bug with the software. When they try to connect to server from a client pc by remote desktop and copy a file from local pc to server. The server crashes and starts creating dump file. The Remote Desktop Connection is Ok. The only trouble is realizing when we copy a local file then paste it to RDC window. We tried recreating the same error in our own test laboratory. We saw that they were right. We had uninstalled avast! Server Edition and tried copying file. Everything was Ok. Then we reinstalled avast! Server Edition and tried again then server crashed. If you need I can send you the dump file of their installation and error.

            We’d be pleased if you help us.

            Best Regards,

           Alper ÖZBEK

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Hi alperozbek,

What version of Avast are you running?  I run 4.7.766 and upgraded to 4.7.859 briefly but backed it out due to a number of problems.



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Hello Mark,
Many thanks for your interests. They have installed version 4.7.859. If you have version 4.7.766, how can I get it from you? I'd be pleased to try. We are reseller in Turkey and shared this trouble with reseller support 3 days ago. But nobody has replied us yet. I think they are really in a deep sleeping.

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The solution about this problem. ;D Mr. Vlcek replied us. The original text is below...

this may be related to a bug in Win2K3 server that is preventing some filter drivers from working correctly.

We have found a work around to the issue (in fact, one of the MS engineers provided us with a work around). To that end, we have created a patched version of the avast driver that should help to resolve the issue.

You can grab it from the following location:

Just copy the corresponding driver file (aswMonFlt.sys) to the \Windows\System32\Drivers directory and restart the server.

The 32-bit version is in the root of the archive. 64-bit versions (both x64 and IA64) are in the respective subdirectories.


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