Author Topic: Avast is causing problems playing multiple files in Windows Media Player  (Read 1783 times)

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I have a problem that I'm having a hard time finding an answer for. I'm posting here b/c of info from this link:

I have WMP10 and Avast 4.7 on XP with 160gb hd and 2g RAM. This issue is on another PC of mine as well. When I open a folder with a bunch of MP3s and select several and hit enter I can an error saying "Choosing to 'play' [number of songs-16 in this case] items at once may take a long time and cause your computer to respond slowly. Do you want to continue?"
If I hit ok it'll only play the song my cursor was over. If I right click the highlighted songs and hit open they play fine. I can also hit play all to the left and they play fine, but this doesn't help if I want specific songs. The point is though that I did not used to have this problem on either pc until I had Avast installed for a while. It just starts happening at random. I can uninstall and reinstall WMP and have the same issue after a while. It's affecting my system b/c it affects other players as well. I couldn't find anything about how it affects WMP so I broke down to post here. Any help is appreciated. Thank you.