Author Topic: Avast deleted important system files!  (Read 11516 times)

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Re:Avast deleted important system files!
« Reply #15 on: March 20, 2004, 11:52:30 PM »
Ok, I'll think of eru next time. I reinstalled Avast and got it to work. In the chest there were three dll-files: wsock32, winsock and kernel32. All have been replaced from cabs without any changes. The log didn't seem to be there though, so I'm not sure what other files got deleted.

I think I'll give up now and just accept that there is nothing I can do about my corrupt registry. In the present state, I can do everything I want, it just takes a bit more time and it's a bit more annoying. I'll fix windows next time I get home, where I have my cd.

Thanks again for all replies,


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Re:Avast deleted important system files!
« Reply #16 on: March 21, 2004, 06:33:01 PM »
Hi Technical,

i don't know if MS still offer it on their site, it was included on my Win95-CD (cab-files?) or maybe even available via the control-panel -> software or so

search you HD, cab files and Win9x-CD for erd*.* and eru*.*  ;)

P.S.: Google as usual helps
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