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HijackThis Log: Please help diagnose
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If you schedule a boot-time scan (or after you install avast) then aswboot.exe should run, after the first run then that value I assume would change so that it doesn't run on every boot but only once after you select it ?

However I have never seen this stuff about session manager from spybot S&D when I used it but I also didn't run the resident element of it when I did have it.

Good the files are gone.

Open OTMOVEIT2 then click the Clean Up button. You may get prompted by your firewall that OTMoveIt wants to contact the internet -  allow this.  A cleanup.txt will be downloaded, a message dialog will ask you if you want to proceed with the cleanup process, click Yes. This will delete all the tools you have downloaded plus itself

Spybot. Like DavidR, I never used the resident. I wonder if it is monitoring the registy and is seeing the bootscan setting being changed?
Thanks oldman for all your help and patience in resolving my problems. It's nice to know that there are people like you, and others, who are so willing to help those of us who are far less computer savvy. Take care.
You're welcome bobbydee, we all learn as we go.
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