Author Topic: Avast gone worse with time, I dont understand what it says and I was infected.  (Read 15582 times)

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I agree with gero in some points about browsing practices, browsing in some sites can be like an escape valve for a stressing job or just because you're a lonely person, they're plenty of reasons, but also they are inherently a cultive virus. 
Uff thanks man, i started to think as if I was from another planet here!
So what can we do, the less dangerous tging we might do is go to a cybercafe, ask for closed cabin , download our dangerous material, copy to our pen drive, comeback home, scan our open drive and voilĂ . Or the best secure thing, all we have a friend that has that kind of material and ask him a copy.
ummm closed cabin, that sounds to me like a sex-shop uh?! ;D what kind of material do you refer eh rogue..?! picaron..:P  yeah latins understand me better.. ::)
Sometimes I have get my hands soiled to get I want, and thus I don't compromise my data
what do you mean? can you translate it to spanish please? ;) Why you repeat your post to the mods?

As always thanks for the explanation tech youre the best.


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HAHAHA Gero yo made me laugh, yes between latins we understand each other..

Please to the MODS this is not so off-topic, so please leave it

1.- About browsing practices we are all grown up persons, no further explanations... however we must take into account the risk to get infected by a virus, so that's why we have to always perform a scan to our pen drive when we are in a cyber
2.- Closed cabin.... yes... but in a cybercafe we all like to have some kind of material that it may be offensive to the public eyes, yes... why not??? as I said we are all grown-ups...and in my case I receive a lot of explicit e-mail from relatives and friends and sometimes I download into my HD
3.- Sometimes when I need a program I have to get my hands soiled to get  what I want... Translation into Spanish A veces cuando necesito un programa tengo que mancharme las manos para obtener lo que quiero

I hope that I cleared things for you Gero

Kindly regards
MiguelAngelXP  ;D
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we are not all grown up persons here, we most certainly have underage persons active in these forums. 

To clarify matters I am referring this thread to the moderators to ask for their guidance and whether this is an adult forum or simply a technical forum that should be not be offensive to any persons - even underage.

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Gero, Miguel, you're certainly not from a different planet and you're certainly free to spend your time however you find useful.

On the other hand, it is also a good idea to stay politically correct, especially considering that this is a public support forum of an antivirus program (and not a general chat room). To that end, I'd be grateful if you could refrain from any comments/posts that you feel may be inappropriate to ANYONE (be it a 9-year old schoolgirl, or your father).

I hope you understand. If not, we can take this offline and I can try to explain it more thoroughly. ;)

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VLK, I see your point, yes, we may have been referring to some inappropriate subjects,  I understand that, I'm aware that maybe I didn't acted accordingly to the rules of the forum. But regardless of that, I don't need to be threatened like that, and for me the case is over, thanks

Miguel Angel
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