Author Topic: ZoneAlarm Free seems to be incompatible with Webshield component of Avast Anti-v  (Read 22162 times)

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Rick F

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Rick F & sgolux,

I have not made the switch to Vista (since I see no compelling improvement to do so).

However, I am wondering if your participation in the ZoneAlarm forums gives you any indication that this appears to be a problem restricted to the users of both products under Vista or is it a problem thought to appear also in XP. 

I don't really participate in the ZA forums. Only posted there the other day to *defend* avast! (took me 20 minutes to find my password to the forum too  ::) ). So I'm not sure if this problem exists only on Vista with ZA and avast 4.8... or if it's also a problem with XP as well.

I've not made the switch to Vista either... nor do I plan to anytime soon. I just heard too many people having trouble with drivers and other software. I've stuck with ZA 7.0.302 on my XP box because that's the version that has worked for me.  Since it's the 'free' version, it has no privacy issues (not offered in the free version of ZA).  I had the 'Pro' version (or ZAP) a few years ago with a 2-yr license, but when they upgraded to a newer version, it no longer worked on Win98 (the OS I was using back then). I had to fall back to an older version.  ZA support never replied to any emails so I went back to the free version after losing 1 yr use of my license.