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AOL+outlook+avast=no email
« on: March 25, 2004, 04:34:02 PM »
There are 5 of us with this combo. There is a combination of 3 Home and 2 Pro. In the past couple of weeks, something has happened to AOL or avast to make connecting to the external (not AOL) email servers )POP3/SMTP) not work. You get an almost endless prompt to click OK for the username/password. Some of these systems had been working with AOL and avast for months without problems.

How to fix this is NOT a solution.
1. change the accounts in outlook back to original way you would setup email client.
2. boot the system.
3. use avast email tool to reset all for avast to scan. it does set them up correctly. I've done it manually also.
4. dial into AOL and it all works.

However, if you disconnect and dial back into AOL, you are toast until you go through the whole process again. What it looks like to me that happens when you dial back in is that the ports connect to each other on the machine and don't go out through AOL at all.

Uninstalling avast and using Panda with AOL doesn't have this problem on the same machines at all. But that is not a good solution.

I don't know what happened and don't know where the problem is, but my problem started after one of the 0403 updates. Maybe -4 update? I don't know since I was on DSL at the time. I now only have AOL dialup until my new DSL is connected. The rest of them are only on dial-up.

Any solutions to this?