Author Topic: 4.8 won't complete scan  (Read 1637 times)

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4.8 won't complete scan
« on: May 29, 2008, 09:22:34 PM »
Hangs up on file on C: that ends in this group of numbers -1060284298-2025429265-1801674531-1007. Can't tell what directory it's in because of the long file name.

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Re: 4.8 won't complete scan
« Reply #1 on: May 29, 2008, 10:33:10 PM »
How exactly does it freeze? Does it happen always approximatelly at the same place/folder of the scan?
Do you see a hard disk activity (when it freezes)? Is only the program frozen, or the whole computer (possibly with mouse cursor)?

Additionally, you can go to the program settings and turn on the creation of the report file (with "OK files" to be included as well in the report). This way, you can find out where the scan really stopped (it's going to be close to the end of the report).

After avast! disappears, check the end of the report file - the "troublesome" file is likely to be close to the end (close in the sense that this particular file will probably not be written in the report, but the previous one will be the last line, so it shouldn't be hard to guess). We would certainly like to have this file - if it really causes problems to avast! - so that we could fix the problem.

The report file created (if you turned it on in program settings) will be (default location) at <avast4>\Data\Report\Simple User Interface.txt
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