Author Topic: Help windows open and won't stay closed, anyone out there have the same problem?  (Read 1880 times)

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I recently installed the free version of Avast after having McAfee go out of control maxing my processor time and time again. Everything was fine at first but I keep having help windows from my OS and from anything else I open pop up after my PC has been on for a few hours. Closing them doesn't work because they just pop up again. I tried looking up this issue by searching it with IE which failed because the damn help window was the only thing that would work. I tried opening Opera and it went straight to the Opera help page and wouldn't let me go any further. The only thing that works is a restart and that's becoming a real pain. I've looked everywhere and no one seems to have the same problem as I have. This is my last hope so I was wondering if anyone else has had this problem and knows if it is related to something with Avast and if so how to fix it.... :-\

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It's possible that McAfee was not entirely removed from your system. I'd suggest you unintall avast temporarily and run the McAfee cleanup tool to remove all traces, then reinstall avast!
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Welcome to the forums, thethingfaw.    :)

Besides what Frank suggested, which you should do, I think you have other problems.

Please download HijackThis from the link below, run the program but do not make any fixes, and then post the log results using the "copy & paste" method. It will probably take more than one post to be able to get the complete log posted. OR, you can post it as an attachment to your post by clicking on "Additional Options..." below left of the posting box. Someone will review your log and then offer help.

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