Author Topic: Worms detected only when Erasing wastebasket beyond recovery  (Read 1799 times)

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No viruses or worms were or are detected on any internal or external disk of my laptop by Avast 4.8 Home Edition. But when I Erase the wastebasket beyond recovery with CyberScrub, some worms, Trojan horses and viruses are detected by Avast, for example Win32:Hupigon-AEL. It seems that the detected Trojan horses have something to do with .jpg files. Is this a false alarm or is there a problem with a normal scan? Thanks in advance for your replies.

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Re: Worms detected only when Erasing wastebasket beyond recovery
« Reply #1 on: June 22, 2008, 04:47:32 PM »
What is the infected file name, where was it found e.g. (C:\windows\system32\ ? 
Check the avast! Log Viewer (right click the avast 'a' icon), Warning section, this contains information on all avast detections.

You could also check the offending/suspect file at: VirusTotal - Multi engine on-line virus scanner and report the findings here. You can't do this with the file securely in the chest, you need to extract it to a temporary (not original) location first, see below.
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