Author Topic: every time i set my resident protection high after a restart it changes to custo  (Read 3331 times)

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can enyone tell me why when i set my resident protection to high.every time i start my pc its always set to custom and i have to change it back to high again.........

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Well, I am only fairly new to avast!, but I think that if you have changed some of the settings in the resident protection, then the guage will reflect such as "custom".

If you want high, you might have to accept default high settings.

Don't quote me on this, just a thought.

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Clearice, what OS are you using?
Are you saying that if you just move it to High, then reboot the machine, it's set to Custom?

But after you change it to High, dismiss with OK and open the dialog again, it's still on High?

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hi chameleone.thanks for the reply.


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hi.vlk.iam on win xp pro.yes thats what iam saying that when i check it its at custom i change it to high.and after a reboot its back to custom again...............edit.iam still having the same problem with no answers.even after a fresh install.i checked to see what the resident protection was at and it was at custom without me touching it.i changed it to high.and after a restart its back to custom....
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