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possible Port issue...
« on: July 17, 2008, 10:15:38 PM »

I am having issues with a transcription software program that I just installed. I am trying to determine if Avast could be causing my issue, and if it needs to be configured.  Maybe you can help?  :-)
I am having a problem getting MSWord and this program to communicate (download & open a word doc) successfully, and then be able to upload the document to the company's server. (Both steps are not passing the diagnostics test).
The transcription program (muTater) works mainly with Adobe, MS Word, RealPlayer, and IE6 or 7.  The ports are:

Port 80 - used by the web browser to access templates  
             (windows default)
Port 554 - RealPlayer
Port 1002 - standard communication port
Port 1013 - standard communication port

I am using:  4.8 Home Edition, build May2008 (4.8.1201),
                 Windows XP (Media Edition)
                 Word 2002 (Office XP)
                 IE 7
                 Internet is DSL                

I didn't see muTater in the XP's firewall list - and manually added it.  (Adding programs to the list is the EXTENT of my firewall-configuring knowledge).  ;D
Does Avast use any of the ports above, and need to be configured?

Thanks for your help!!!

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