Author Topic: Avast 4.8 Home Compatibility Problems with MSN Browser and Internet Explorer 7  (Read 11183 times)

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Hi, bobunky:

I doubt that it is JUST Avast causing the problem. It *might* be  somekind of interaction between Avast and Commodo.
Also, before you installed Avast, did you run the Norton removal tool or just uninstall NAV from Add/Remove Programs? If you did not run their removal tool, there might be bits of NAV leftovers causing the problem. The NAV tool is at their support site.

Also, just for extra info, there have been some problems reported for some folks that are addressed in a post from the hotmail team:!5D6F5A79A79B6708!7506.entry

(The July 30th blog entry about 'recent issues reported.')

I have not added all the suggested entries to my IE trusted zone, but I have added

Good luck.  I will be interested in your progress because I may be installing Avast again in the future and might need to know how you solved this problem.
Also, I hope MSN sends you an install CD for the NEW verison.  I got an old one - arggg! ---and had to download mine online using a manual DUN (5 freakin hours!!! ).  ;)

Oh yeah - almost forgot.  I was running Avast with all shields set to default lower level except the webmail which I set higher.

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OldRebel2:  I took the easy way out and installed another anti-virus.  So far I have had no problems.  I can't say for sure that it was only Avast and not Avast and Comodo, but I do know that everything with MSN worked fine after the uninstall.

Thanks for your help and tips. 

I had to ask MSN to resend the new disc as the other never arrived, hope there will be no problems instally it.

I think that for some reason our computer and Avast just weren't compatible, but am open to the fact that there may have been underlying problems too.