Author Topic: Who here have these loaded on their scanner, Network Shield,Web Shield ?  (Read 2011 times)

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I'm new and was wondering if I should be using also Network Shield,Web Shield. The others really don't apply to me. I'm the single user on my pc. Are both Network Shield,Web Shield really necessary if not which is more important to have on ? I was thinking that Network Shield would be more important to my needs. thanks

I 'm using only these right now

Standard Shield
Internet Mail

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Are you going to be surfing the net
If so Web shield
who is your e-mail?
no p2p or IM?


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wiki has this definition for   ''Web Shield — HTTP protection (localtransparent proxy)'' what is that for ?


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These are extracts from the help file

"Network Shield provider protects your computer from Internet worm attacks. It works similarly to a firewall, even though it does not fully substitutes it. The Network Shield does not require any user interraction.

Note: This resident provider is available on Windows NT, 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, and 2008 only.

Normal. The setting does not have any meaning for this provider.
High.    The setting does not have any meaning for this provider."

"Web Shield provider protects your computer from viruses that may infect your computer when browsing the Internet - especially when downloading files from web pages.

If you - possibly by mistake - download an infected file and try to start it, avast! will prevent the infection thanks to its Standard Shield provider (which scans all files that you start of open). With Web Shield, however, the virus will be detected even sooner - during the download of the file. So, Web Shield makes your computer even safer than before.

This provider also makes it possible to block specific URL addresses."

My advice is to definately use Standard Shield, Web Shield and Network Shield and which ever email shield is applicable to the way you get your email. If you use P2P or instant messaging then run those shields as well.

There is some more information about how the Web Shield works in the help file, for practical purposes it can be considered to be a filter that sits between the internet and your browser.