Author Topic: Boot Scan says Error 42125, System Volume Information, Zip Archive Corrupt  (Read 24391 times)

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Avast free boot scanner revealed 5 corrupt files in all, I wrote down the first part of each if this helps at all. Can anyone advise me what to do with this please?

c:\system volume information\restore\animation\usbcard.gif  error 42125 Zip archive is corrupt

c:\system volume information\restore\images\printer_image_faded.jpg  error 42125 Zip archive is corrupt

c:\system volume information\restore\images\tw_buttonslights.jpg  error 42125 Zip archive is corrupt

c:\system volume information\restore\images\tw_singleenvelope.jpg  error 42125 Zip archive is corrupt

c:\system volume information\restore\images\tw_transparencies.jpg  error 42125 Zip archive is corrupt

Thankyou :)
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It simply means that some information in your system restore volume is corrupt and can't be read.
That's all it means.
To fix the problem, disable system restore, reboot and then enable system restore again.
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What I find strange is the reporting of image types as archives, but there is every possibility the file might be corrupt whilst not being an archive.

However, Files that can't be scanned are just that, not an indication they are suspicious/infected, just unable to be scanned. So you could leave them in situe and just ignore the list of files that can't be scanned.
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 Re: Boot Scan says Error 42125, System Volume Information, Zip Archive Corrupt

When I have gotten the corrupt data message from AVAST!, it is because of data from anti-malware programs (in my case, SuperAntiSpyware & MalwareBytesAntiMalware) that AVAST! can't read....HARMLESS data.

If you turn off RESTORE and REBOOT, you will delete all of your RESTORE POINTS, and you won't be able to RESTORE to any points PRIOR to when you deleted them!

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             Don't just try the first thing you see... If you are using forums,
             get a few other opinions... The "fix" might make things
             worse...  No one checks the forums for accuracy!!!!

    If you are getting fixes from a reliable source, the software publisher,
        hardware manufacturer, etc-
        NOT: Well that seems like my problem...

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