Author Topic: HELP HELP ACCIDENTALLY DELETED FILES AVAST 4.7 was unable to scan  (Read 1714 times)

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HELP ...Can someone please advise .

Last night I ran a scan and afterwards the usual message came up in the log that Avast was unable to scan quite a number of files.many in archives.

They are the usual password protected ones and loads of others too many to remember. I noticed something suspicious in my daughters profile called bootstrap.exe and as I didn't like the look of it as it was merely in a work folder I rightclicked the file thinking that I was only selecting that one,; suddenly the entire log was deleted. I had selected delete to recycle bin however the entire page disappeared and did not go to recycle bin at all.

I am sure that there were some very very important files in that lot, however  I only intended to delete ONE file.

There was no warning.... nothing.

What can I do?

Can I recover the files?  I remember there were lots of files for  ms money etc  however I hadn't checked all, some files were registry entries, I do remember that.

Does anyone have any advice?   Am wondering why there was absolutely no warning before the files were deleted...something such as   "are you sure that you want to delete 150 entries  ?  etc...

What to do .... what to do


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please do not post twice the same will confuse many to reply to u and u wil not be helped... ;) i already answered ur topic in the "general" session
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