Author Topic: Never Re-install Windows Again Part 1 to 3  (Read 21411 times)

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Re: Never Re-install Windows Again Part 1 to 3
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Here is a FREE disc imaging program that I've been using for a few weeks now. Very nice gui and fast (at least for me). Works well on vista 64 bit ,paragon let me down on this one  . The free version does require you to use the boot cd to restore an image. Can backup to external drives or dvd so really there's no reason for people not to have a full backup solution in place. :)  Hope this helps,tim
Did you test it? Does it really works on a running Windows, i.e., backup the whole partition while it's in use? Wow! Seems promising...

Yes it does, you can also schedule backups but the free version doesn't have incremental/differential backups. Tried it a few months ago on Vista 32bit, worked well for me. Very fast at creating a full system image.