Author Topic: How Come Tech Support Pages Don't Seem To List The Easiest Update Option?  (Read 2011 times)

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I was browsing through all of the Avast support pages and you guys are doing a fantastic job!  But how come there isn't, (at least I didn't see it) a way showing how you can upgrade Avast from the GUI when a new version comes out?

Options show how to install a new version of Avast over a pre-existing version through an install and download, explaining very well how license keys and settings can be retained, but I did not see the simple open up the GUI and click the update button.


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Because in theory you shouldn't need to as the user should receive a notice of a program update being available, clicking that pop-up would download and install the program update.

I don't know how old this tutorial is, but there might well be a time when update from the GUI is feasible.

You also have to give the user some credit for knowing where the virus definitions and Program can be manually updated. Most would be less likely to find the support pages that you speak of.
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but I did not see the simple open up the GUI and click the update button.

Exactly, because is so easy and logical step. This not need to be explained.