Author Topic: I want to learn about security more, by using a virtual machine but is it safe?  (Read 1591 times)

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Well I'm hoping to be getting a notebook for school and other stuff soon (it would be my first computer that i completely own).  I would have a Ubuntu 8.10 and Windows Vista/XP (which ever the notebook comes with) dual boot.  I'm interested in Computer security and I would like to use Virtualbox to set up a virtual machine in Ubuntu (not vista/xp) with Windows ME.  Then download spyware/viruses in it and try to clean it out/watch how it works.  The thing is, that I don't want to infect my actual computer, I know by using Ubuntu as the host machine would be safer.  But how safe is it?  I'm not going to buy stuff online with it, but I do school work, and show presentations in school with it and I don't want a *not school approved* pop-up shall we say, or a crash.   What's your opinion on this? :) 

This might be a bit off topic but I rather ask people who know their stuff.

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In fact, if you're using a virtual system and do not share files between the host and the virtual, it is safe.
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