Author Topic: Virus detected two consecutive days - sent to Chest but not there  (Read 2089 times)

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Yesterday, I accidentally deleted an email folder in Outlook and restored the .pst file from a backup kept on a USB stick I use only for backups. I ended up with 2 Personal folders. I dragged the folder I wanted back out of the old Personal Folder then closed it. I then ran a scan as part of a Scheduled Task (a tip picked up on this forum). It detected a virus and suggested moving it to the Chest and I did. But when the rest of the scan completed I checked and it wasn't there.

Today I ran the same scan and it detected a virus once again and I realised it was in the restored email .pst file. Again it didn't appear in the chest even though I sent it there.

Both times when the scan started, after I'd supposedly sent the file to the Chest, after a minute or so the image came up. The virus warning was Just wondering if it could have been an email with a virus attachment in the deleted items of the restored folder .....\Outlook1.pst\.....

I have now deleted the Outlook1.pst folder. I also ran a scan on the USB stick with that backup and it was clean. ??

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