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virus alert message
« on: April 24, 2004, 12:28:32 AM »
Each time I go to a certain site and begin working with it, (as in uploading my own pic and song) I get a warning from avast that a virus was found (WIN32:Second Thought (Trj) )  I have done a couple of virus scans and they show no virus on my pc, but does show a couple of files that can not be scanned, which I read was normal but I am worried about this virus it keeps telling me I have.  :-\   Has anyone else had this problem?  The site is and I click on "your own picture or music" and then when I click to open up the file I want for the pic that is when the warning from avast comes up.  I have used this site and used my own pics many times and have never had this happen before, it just started doing this today.  Any help would be appreciated, thank you. :)
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Re:virus alert message
« Reply #1 on: April 24, 2004, 01:41:50 AM »
I posted a suggestion in your thread in the viruses and worms board. it is not necessary to have 2 threads on the same topic
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