Author Topic: db task not complete, unable to login after and avast_log too large!!!  (Read 2652 times)

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im going crazy!!! I've one root AMS and a second level AMS. The second is all OK.
From yesterday night some problems are appeared in root AMS.
The clean db task was started but not completed, "unknown error".
I try to run manually the task and the results are:
1)begins to run(green triangle icon)
2)after some minutes disappers the informarmation in server side task.

From here, the console begins too slow, and if i close the program and restart it i can't login.
If i restart the server (win2003 with MSDE) can login again and in server-side task apper the previuos clean db task with the same green triangle icon. The only task that begins and terminates normally is orphaned records cleaner. I note that in microsoft sql...\mssavast..\data\avast_log.ldf is too big and it continues to increase.
Someone can help me? Please