Author Topic: aswTdi.sys BSOD my win XP SP3 box after install, first boot BSOD.  (Read 15242 times)

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Re: aswTdi.sys BSOD my win XP SP3 box after install, first boot BSOD.
« Reply #15 on: June 18, 2009, 05:17:14 AM »
First, I'm a noob to the forum.  Glad to find it! (& thanks, Scroogle!)  ;)

we have seen such dumps with uTorrent and netlimiter. Do you have by any chance Netlimiter installed?

I am presently getting a dump log indicating aswtdi.sys as the cause-- and I'm running both NetLimiter (2 Pro) and uTorrent (v1.8.2). 
I run NetLimiter 24/7.  uTorrent I run less consistently, but typically when I do, for long periods (hours/days).

Unfortunately, I've been running Minidumps so I can't help (yet?) with a Kernel dump/crash stack trace-- but I've changed my settings to "Full" dump for if and when I get another BSOD/crash occurs.

My crashes thus far have been sporadic, typically weeks between, with no indication of any noticeable pattern.  I've had no boot crashes (between uTorrent and NetLimiter, the latter is the only auto-start at boot along with avast)

Regarding to the crash dump analysis - as you probably know, the aswtdi is a TDI filter and hence any network access request goes via aswtdi and aswtdi's code will be on the stack. Knowing how !analyze works, it will probably not surprise you that every network related crash will automatically show the first non Microsoft code on the stack which will be aswtdi.sys.

Actually, I didn't know this, so I'm glad you posted the info!

Do you have any TDI filters installed? Can you try to load the 3rd party filter first (by editing the LoadOrder registry key) and see if the carsh occurs in aswtdi.sys or in other filter.

I'm unfamiliar with TDI filters.  If you might be so kind as to give us a little more info, I'd be glad to look into doing this.  [meanwhile, I'll check yet another Scroogle...]  8)


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