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Scan just a few folders
« on: April 28, 2004, 07:31:46 PM »
Hi all,

Please, I just need to know -step by step- how could I scan a few folders AND NOTHING MORE with AVAST.
I don't wish to scan my email or my OS, just a few folders and files, scanned permanently.
I have installed it and I have configured Avast! twice, but I couldn't get the solution.

Thanks in advance :)

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Re:Scan just a few folders
« Reply #1 on: April 28, 2004, 08:06:02 PM »
Hi Entheos, and welcome to avast,

When you're ready to scan, click on "Select folders" instead of "Local drives", and you can pick what you want to scan from there.  Then just start to scan.  Oh, and you can choose to include (or not include) archive files that way, the same as with a Local Drives scan.

Another way to do it, if you don't want to scan much, is select the folder(s) in Win Explorer, right-click and select "Scan".

Keep in mind that the "last scan" in your Status screen (unless there's been a change in recent versions that slipped by me) shows only the last full scan slected via "Local drives".  That won't be updated if you use "Folders" even if you select the entire drive from there.

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