Author Topic: can't delete or repair win32 mosimp trj  (Read 2741 times)

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can't delete or repair win32 mosimp trj
« on: April 28, 2004, 05:59:02 PM »
i need help. this is the latest antivirus prg i have used unsucessfully to remove a virus on my computer.
this prg labels it as Win32:mosimp-DLL (Trj)
help. now what do i do?!?!


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Re:can't delete or repair win32 mosimp trj
« Reply #1 on: April 28, 2004, 06:07:48 PM »

what Win do you have ?
Are all windowsupdates applied ?

Info on MOSIMP:


General Removal Info:

Where exactly was the infected File found (full path/folder/filename, e.g. c:\Windows\system32\virusfile.exe) ?

Sometimes it's enough to
- clear all TEMP-folders (via drive CleanUp AND best also manually)
- empty Temp.Int.Files folder(s) (via IE->Extras-Internetoptions->Delete files, including OFFLINE files) and
- empty java-Cache or
- disable system restore on Win ME/XP ( )
to get rid of it..

test the file with OnlineScanners e.g. from Trend, RAV & KAV (see below) to get a more specific name
(you need to temporarily pause AV-Resident Shield/Monitor/Guard to be able to scan the file online)

(If they all don't show it as infected, please send it in a password-protected zip-file to (at) asw (dot) cz
Include the Zip-password and a link to this posting in the mailtext)

 spybot, ad-aware and cwshredder might also help
see ->nicefiles and

-remove the Virus/Malware and it's system modifications according to VirusInfos
from Avast, VGREP, TrendMicro, Kaspersky;
you might also try searching for the virus name or filename with google

general removal procedure:
- disable system restore on Win ME/XP
- kill respective Backdoor/Trojan process with task manager
- search for the file/process names in the registry; remove the malware's startup entries in the registry
- disinfect or (if disinfection is not possible) delete the file; this may be possible only after a reboot

if you still can't remove it, you could post a logfile of Hijackthis here

-Secure your system:
   change passwords, secure shares, install patches/updates for WIN&IE;
   disable ActiveX and Scripting in IE except for know secure sites - and better use a secure browser like Opera or Mozilla
- scan your whole system with updated avast and maybe a 2nd scanner ,e.g. TrendMicro/RAV to check whether your PC is clean ;)
- If needed, reenable system restore on Win ME/XP

Further Details and Links via the board search above