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I've recently installed the demo version of Server Edition and ADNM (with MSDE) on my Win 2k3 Server and had a few issues.  I have a network application on the 2k3 Server called Retail Pro which 15 clients run from the server.  I deployed the Avast4 Managed Client software to only one of these workstations in order to test Avast's effect on my network applications.  Of course, I experienced slow speeds until I configured the Standard Shield on both client and server to exclude Retail Pro's directory (D:\APPS on the server and the F:\ network drive on the client).  However, even after excluding the directory I continued to experience the same slow speeds, so I disabled Avast's On-access scanner alltogether to see if the speed increased to what it was before I installed Avast.  It did not.  I then completely uninstalled Avast Server and ADNM and rebooted.  My applications were still experiencing the same slow speeds.  I then restored my registry files from a backup before I installed Avast and rebooted.  I am still having the same issue with my network applications.  My question is, what files are added/deleted/updated when Avast is installed/uninstalled?  It seems that Avast has modified system files or the network configuration in some way that I have not yet identified and I need to track down and resolve this issue before I can purchase Avast for my network.

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It seems I have the same probleme with à 2K server and 15 deployed client.
However, i can't disable Avast On-Access scanner on clinets because the systeme asks me a password that a I don't know ....
Have you an idea about this passowrd ?!?




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Hello pchadd1ct:

Did you ever receive a response from the Avast server team?  I have had the exact same experiences on a WIN2K3 box.

This product has most certainly killed my users' netwrok access performance, and I welcome methods/techniques to tweak it back to health.

Many thanks.

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Re: Network Application Slowing... even after excluding application folders
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Is the application you're talking about SAGE?

If so (and even if not), please try the following procedure:

On the file server, open regedit, go to


and set the "EnableOplocks" value to "1" (now, it is most likely set to "0"). Then restart the server and see if the problem is resolved.

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Re: Network Application Slowing... even after excluding application folders
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We have the same issue. Was able to maintain 40mb/s download speed on our EMC Networker server until we switched to aVast. Now, I get 6-7mb/s if I am lucky. Have followed the EnableOpslock suggestion to no avail.

Even after disabling standard & network shield, performance has not improved. I am finding it very difficult to get information on this problem and am desperate to find a solution as my backups no longer finish overnight but run all day as well.