Author Topic: This forum told me session had expired, wouldn't let me logout.  (Read 2696 times)

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This forum told me session had expired, wouldn't let me logout.
« on: January 18, 2009, 03:28:13 AM »
I just returned to this forum after several hours. I'm using IE 6.0., Windows XP Home.

 I tried to use the quote feature, and also tried to post.

I kept getting a screen stating:

"An Error Has Occurred!

Session verification failed. Please try logging out and back in again, and then try again."

So I tried multiple times to logout, but it wouldn't let me.
I closed the window, reopened, went back to the forum, I was still logged in.

I couldn't post here, and couldn't logout.

I deleted my Temporary Internet Files, and then opened a new window, went back to this forum, I'm still logged in.

Went into my Cookies file, found one Avast cookie, and deleted it. Still couldn't logout and couldn't post.

So I clicked on  "Delete Cookies" in IE, and now the website did not recognize me, and I was logged out at last. Logged back in, and it will (hopefully) let me post this.

Strangest of all, just went into the Cookie file - they are all there! Apparently the Cookies were not deleted physically, yet after I clicked on "Delete Cookies" in IE, and came back here, I was finally  logged out of this forum, and had to log in again.

Also, all of the emoticon images on this page - that is, the page on which  I am typing this message - have red "x"s in them, instead of the image.

If I right click on the x and click "Show Picture", I am still not getting the image.

When I do the right click, I see the Windows XP hourglass. I don't see it otherwise - i.e., currently, as I'm typing this. Only when in the right click menu mode.

Help please with any and all of these issues.

Can any of these things be connected with my new avast! version 4.8 Home Edition?

NOTE - I have now posted this message. I was able to view all images on my post on the forum page - no red "x"s.

Clicked on "Modify" which returned me  to the posting page to "Modify Message", and now all of the images are visible - no red "x"s on this page anymore - all emoticons and all other images are now visible. (!!!!????).
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Re: This forum told me session had expired, wouldn't let me logout.
« Reply #1 on: January 18, 2009, 10:14:50 PM »
Maybe some glitch in the cookies/cache management of IE... I won't worry that much if it does not occur again.
When I get the message "Session verification failed" I just refresh the page or resubmit the post and it works...
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Re: This forum told me session had expired, wouldn't let me logout.
« Reply #2 on: January 18, 2009, 10:51:04 PM »
I just returned to this forum after several hours. I'm using IE 6.0., Windows XP Home. 

Download IE7 and get used to the additional tabs and better security.

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Quick Tabs
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 Streamlined interface
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 Add-ons disabled mode

I hope XP Home is at SP3.