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Avast 4
« on: February 08, 2003, 07:54:45 AM »
Just downloaded & installed Avast 4 home use. It appears to be working. Proplem: You click on the desktop icon & open Avast 4 simple user interface screen & it opens up. When you click the x to close it you get an error message - Ashsimpl  An error has occured in your program - etc. When you close that window another appears saying Ashsimpl caused a general protection fault in module GDI.exe. It will then close out okay or the screen goes black & you have to restart the computer. I am running Win 98 SE,Explorer 6.0. Hope someone can help Thanks

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Re:Avast 4
« Reply #1 on: February 08, 2003, 01:07:58 PM »
Currently available version can cause this problem on Windows 9x, ME operating systems. We have made some workaround into avast! and it will be available in the upcoming program update.
For now start simple user interface directly - it is named ashSimple.exe and it can be found in avast! directory (c:\program files\alwil software\avast4 by default).

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Re:Avast 4
« Reply #2 on: February 10, 2003, 09:47:57 AM »
On a side note: this problem will be fixed soon.  :)

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