Author Topic: Some issues with eval on SBS2003  (Read 5550 times)

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Some issues with eval on SBS2003
« on: April 30, 2004, 01:31:59 PM »
Hi, we have some issues and questions about our eval version of Avast server (running on SBS2003). We're quite happy with the workstation version by the way, we'll definitely be purchasing some licenses for that!

Issue1: When initially installed, I entered information for the alerts - the account to use and the one to send to. After installation I used the simple interface and selected the Settings option to view the alerts setting - it was empty so I entered the same target account again. The problem I have is that at seemingly random times it is sending an email titled "Avast! Notice" with the only text being "[SERVERNAME]:" - but it is sending it to the correct target address AND "ast4.0@<mydomain>" - where does the latter address come from - I can't find it in the avast4.ini file?

Issue2: In the Enhanced interface, when you edit an alert and exit by clicking "OK" (say, you've done a test but made no changes) it adds a second alert of the same name!

Question1: The only way I could get Avast! to work was using an administrator account for the service account. Is there another way ? Can I reduce the security risk, or can it run under the SYSTEM account ?

Question2: I can't find a manual, it would be helpful to refer to before installing the product - is there one planned? It would have helped with the service account problems I had.

Question3: I see the option for a "silent installation" however is there a way to update the configuration on workstations already installed ? Say you want to make a global change to all of them ? Could I simply copy a couple of .ini files or something ?

Many thanks, I look forward to a successful evaluation!