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Network Shield
« on: February 06, 2009, 10:03:44 PM »
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I can only think of two times I have ever seen the "Network Shield" in action and yesterday was one of them.

I wanted to see if Yahoo flagged a site as potentially harmful, since I knew that it had been causing redirects to a site related to Anti-Spyware 2009.  I normally use Google and FF 3.05 with NoScript and do recall having clicked through the Google warning to receive the FF "Attack Site" page.  I did not force the issue  and go directly to the site, as I only wanted to see the details on the warning page.

Then, I went through Yahoo Search to see if Yahoo flagged the site.  As soon as the search results page appeared, Avast alerted me that the Network Shield blocked Anti-spyware 2009.  Is this just a coincidence that Network Shield (that rarely ever displays itself to me) appeared on the search results page?  Or ... does Avast actually check the links to the sites on the search results page?  Or  ... should I suspect that I had something on my PC already that just happened to "call out" at that point?