Author Topic: Windows Server 2008 X64 standard - Shared folders are Lost.  (Read 5096 times)

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Windows Server 2008 X64 standard - Shared folders are Lost.
« on: February 20, 2009, 12:15:01 PM »
I have spent bad days those two last weeks with a strange issue with our brand new MS Windows 2008 X64 Server + Avast Server edition.
The three services of this server are Active Directory, DNS and Files Service.
The file service stops responding, and every mapped drives are not available anymore for all the clients after 3-4 hours.
The only way to make the system ready again, is to reboot the server (because the lanmanager service cannot be restarted).
No error in the log no help for trouble shooting.

Finally, after several reboot of the server, and a survey with the users of the shared directories, I have found that the File service hangs when the server is running 3-4 hours AND when an user saves a MS-Excel file or MS-Word file.

I have disabled the Avast Services on my server : Now, the file service is stable again!

Is there a patch available to solve this issue ?