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RequestPolicy add-on a natural partner for NoScript...
« on: March 07, 2009, 10:27:02 PM »
Hi to the privacy/security concerned and the malware fighters,

The lack of user control over cross-site requests is a fundamental area that has been overlooked in browser security. We have great extensions like NoScript to give us control over the execution of scripts and objects in our browser, but cross site requests are still a major privacy and security problem that has been neglected. RequestPolicy provides a strong and secure default policy (blocking cross-site requests) and lets you whitelist cross-site requests as needed. As with extensions such as NoScript, within a week of using the extension, you won’t need to do much whitelisting.

RequestPolicy can be considered as as fulfilling an essential role for privacy and security in Firefox and Flock browsers. I believe that a truly secure Firefox/Flock install is running at a minimum both RequestPolicy and NoScript add-ons. (RequestPolicy is not a competitor to NoScript, obviously, but unfortunately a large number of people immediately think this because they are unaware of threats that aren’t from scripts and objects, yes they exist dear friends)

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