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« on: March 10, 2009, 01:20:28 AM »

I live in Texas and I just replaced my computer with this one I'm using now.It already had avast installed when I purchased it. The problem I have(and it may not concern avast) is I'm a mod on a site and I'm not able to completely log in to the site to be able to moderate. I can log in with my screen name and password ok,but when I click on anything else(such as e-mail,threads,etc.) it returns me back to guest status and I can't do anything. I've already checked my login name and password with a friend on their computer and everything works find. My question is,would avast have a setting that's set too high or something to cause this?  if anyone can help me I would appreciate it...Thanks :)



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Re: Question
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What browser were you using before and what browser are you using now?


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Re: Question
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Well what you describe isn't an avast function, it scans content and alerts to infection, it doesn't block and it (currently) doesn't have a firewall.

What is your firewall ?

The only thing I can think of is some sort of privacy function, like that in the zone alarm pro version. Or possibly some sort of conflict with another security application that also monitors web traffic.

So what other security software do you have installed ?

I know you said this computer came installed with avast, but has there been another AV installed at any time and if so what and how was it removed ?
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